Pre-School Graduation

Our pre-school graduation, where we celebrate the achievements of all the children who are leaving to go to big school.

Our end of term trip to the Pinewoods

We had a brilliant time on our end of term trip exploring and going on an adventure in the woods with all our friends and family. The children had a wonderful time climbing trees, making pictures, leaf threading, playing ball, going on a nature hunt and spending time with friends having a picnic and lots of fun!

World Book Day

We love to look at and read lots of different books so on World Book Day we had a brilliant time celebrating all our favourites.

Pancake Day

The children all had a lovely time on pancake day. We made our own batter and a past parent very kindly came in to cook our pancakes on a special plate. The children also enjoyed pancake races and games to see if we could toss and catch the playdough pancakes.