World book day

We love to look at and read lots of different books so on world day we had a brilliant time celebrating all our favourites.

Pancake day

The children all had a lovely time on pancake day, we made our own batter and a past parent very kindly came in to cook our pancake on a special plate. The children also enjoyed pancake races and games to see if we could toss and catch the playdough pancakes.

Winter vegetables

The children have been learning about what vegetables grow during the colder months and where they grow. The children had a great time cutting, tasting and exploring all the different vegetables.

Forest school activity's

We have being making the most of our outside areas and have enjoyed being outside making- tree swings, dens, mud pies, leaf threading and going on lots of adventures.

Park trip

We had a lovely time going for a nature walk to the local park, we had a great time exploring our local area and talking about all the different things we could see along the way.